Linda Tian

Linda (Jiaru) Tian
• Associate Professor of Chinese Herbal Medicine Heilongjiang Province
• Bachelor of Medicine (TCM) Heilongjiang University of TCM National Diploma Acupuncture NZCCM
• Certified Senior Chief Physician World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
• National Diploma Acupuncture NZCCM
• ACC registered Health Provider
• Member of NZASA, NZCMAS, also a member of the Australian FCMA and the New South Wales Association of Chinese Medicine Inc.
• nine years professional teaching experience and 28 years professional working experience in TCM
• Owns and operates her own clinic and teaches Individual Chinese Herbs, Herbal Dispensary, Huang Di Nei Jing and on the Foundation Certificate course
• Specialises in Chinese Herbal Medicine, internal diseases including gynaecological disorder, paediatrics and trauma