Clinic Facilities

Clinic Facilities

To contact our Auckland clinic please phone 9694328 .

NZCCM clinic facilities meet all standards of hygiene and patient care. Our clinic has recently introduced an electronic patient booking and file management system, and a thorough review of hygiene and laundry service standards was implemented in the first months of 2012. All supervisors have post-graduate qualifications and run their own successful clinics. They are fully trained in supervision, ethics, and patient care using the latest equipment and techniques available.

chinese-medicineThe NZCCM Auckland clinic has nine treatment rooms, the clinic reception area and the Chinese Herb Dispensary on the ground floor at 321 Great South Road.  The clinic also has a secured room for records keeping and a documentation room for students to write case reports.

Students gain clinical experience throughout the programme with patients whom students have invited for treatment and also with patients invited by the College. Inviting clinic patients and hosting guests are a vital part of our business and we require a highly professional code of conduct from all clinical staff and students.

To make an appointment in the Auckland clinic please phone 09-969 4328.