International students

International Students

BHSc Entry Criteria

Candidates must demonstrate they meet NZ University Entrance requirements  through completion of an equivalent international secondary school qualification or by completing previous tertiary study.

Candidates must also:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • show English competency to a minimum level of 6.5 on the IELTS academic scale or equivalent (equivalent  means TOEFL or other NZQA recognised international testing and includes the applicant  has successfully completed the NZ Certificate in English Language – Level 4 and successfully passing the NZCCM internal English Language Placement Test – academic * subject to NZQA approval.) Test results should be current (i.e., obtained within two years from application date) or students must provide evidence of full-time study within a New Zealand school for a period of two (2) years and proof that they have completed a minimum of NCEA Level 2.(the UE English requirements)
  • completion of all immigration requirements (before enrolment can be accepted).
  • evidence of appropriate medical and travel insurance.

Special Admission and Mature Entry

Applicants who are over 20 years of age and who do not meet all the entry requirements should contact NZCCM to explore their options. Subject to the NZCCM Academic Board’s  statutory powers to decline enrolment, a person may enrol for the first year of the Bachelor of Health Science programme if the Academic Director/ PMT is of the opinion that the applicant could undertake the programme with reasonable prospects of success and the applicant meets the English level entry requirement.

Additional Admission Requirements 

  • NZCCM welcomes those who intend to graduate as practitioners of Chinese medicine, and our support services are intended to assist students with any health issues or disability on a path towards confident, independent professional practice. Any such issues must be stated clearly in the Enrolment Form/Health Declaration and will be discussed during the interview, allowing NZCCM to consider whether appropriate support can be provided, and the likelihood of the applicant’s ability to meet professional requirements and practice independently on completion of the  programme.
  • Applicants are required to declare all criminal or pending criminal convictions with their enrolment.

 Assessment of Prior Learning 

Applicants who believe they already have the experience or knowledge to achieve the learning outcomes of a course or courses may seek Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) by completing the application form and paying the $100.00 application fee. If the application is successful this may reduce the number of courses necessary to gain the qualification.   APL may be awarded up to a maximum of 33% of the total programme credits. There is no APL available for Level 7 courses. Fees for credit transfers are listed in Course Related Costs – Page 18 of the Prospectus .

Appeal Against non-selection

Any applicant who is refused permission to enrol or who objects to any condition of enrolment imposed can within 10 working days of being notified of the decision, appeal in writing to the Academic Director.

NZ Certificate in Chinese Health Maintenance – Level 4

International students must be at least 18 years of age , and undertake an interview before being enrolled to ascertain whether they have a genuine desire to complete this course.

NZ Certificate in English Language  – Level 4

There are no mandatory prerequisites to meet regulatory body, or legislative requirements for this qualification, however students must be 18 years of age or over at the time of enrolment.

It is desired that learners have an achievement in English equivalent to New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 3), or demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills.

All learners must sit an entry test prior to enrolment to ensure that the programme of study chosen is appropriate and that they will have a reasonable chance of success

Visas and Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is responsible for issuing Student Visas and Permits for foreigners wishing to travel to and reside in New Zealand for study purposes.

You will need to have a Student Visa/Permit, or a Limited Purpose Permit, in order to be accepted for enrolment at NZCCM. If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you are exempt from this requirement.

Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through Immigration New Zealand and can be viewed on the website

You may obtain Application to Study in New Zealand forms from NZCCM, from your nearest New Zealand Diplomatic Office, or from INZ directly.

Requirements for Obtaining a Student Visa or Permit

  • Letter of acceptance from NZCCM stating course details and duration
  • Evidence that you have paid your course fees
  • Details of your New Zealand accommodation arrangements
  • Details of financial support while in New Zealand
  • Medical and Police clearances

If you intend to study for longer than 24 months, you will need to provide medical, X-ray, and Police certificates.

Eligibility for Health Services

Most international students are not entitled to publicly-funded health services while in New Zealand. If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you may be liable for the full costs of that treatment. Full details on entitlements to publicly-funded health services are available through the Ministry of Health and can be viewed on the website

Medical and Travel Insurance (International Students)

Medical insurance is not covered in your fees and is compulsory for the whole time you are in New Zealand. Evidence of the policy will be taken and kept on your student file.

If you have not secured appropriate medical insurance prior to arriving in New Zealand we will invoice you for this and assist you in taking out a policy. We will keep a copy of the policy on your student file. If you fail to show evidence of medical or travel insurance you will be unable to commence your course.  The fees range from approximately $300.00 -$ 650.00 for a full year.

Living Expenses in Auckland

New Zealand is not an expensive country, but it is not a very cheap one either. It is somewhere in the middle. The cost of living is generally a little cheaper here than in Europe, USA or Japan and a little more expensive than in many Asian and South American countries. However, the rate of exchange makes New Zealand a reasonable option for many nationalities. Here are some examples of what you might expect to pay in New Zealand dollars.

  • fast food meal $8.00 – $10.00
  • can of cola/soda $1.20 – $2.50
  • coffee in a café $4.00
  • postcard bought and mailed home $2.40
  • haircut $20.00 (men) $50.00 (women)
  • Thai/Chinese meal in a café $8.00 – $15.00 (lunch) or $15.00 – $25.00 (Dinner)


Students in Auckland have a range of accommodation options. You may choose to live in a flat, hostel, private boarding house, or board with a family (home-stay).

  • Shared flats cost about $150 – $200 per week  for rental and services
  • Rents for flats and apartments range through $400 – $450 per week
  • Homestays range  from $225 to $260 per week – all meals

Once you have decided upon your accommodation you must notify NZCCM of your address and contact details. If you change your accommodation you must notify NZCCM immediately.

Accident Insurance

The Accident Compensation Corporation provides accident insurance for all New Zealand citizens, residents and temporary visitors to New Zealand.  However, you may still be liable for all other medical and related costs.  International Students need to ensure their Medical and Travel cover includes accident cover.Further information can be viewed on the ACC website at:

Road Safety

You need a valid international driver’s licence if you intend driving in New Zealand and must be familiar with the New Zealand Road Code. A copy of the “Road Safety in New Zealand” pamphlet is available from NZCCM administration. Alternatively visit the Land Transport Safety Authority on:

Work and Study Opportunities in New Zealand

Students are permitted to work in paid employment for up to 20 hours per week while they study and full time during College vacations – normally 14 weeks per calendar year. NZCCM will provide assistance with CV Writing and employment interviewing skills to support student find part time employment.

Part time work is available in a number of fields but is more likely to be in the hospitality and retail industries.

Graduates with a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Chinese Medicine or Acupuncture can join the professional association in New Zealand and become ACC registered health providers without examination under current regulations.  This enables graduates to gain employment as practitioners either opening their own clinic or by joining with other medical practitioners in complimentary medical clinics.Students can apply for an open work visa on graduation.

Further information can be obtained from professional association websites or from the Accident Compensation Commission website.


Selection/Interview Procedures – Off  Shore Students

International students (currently residing outside of New Zealand– OFF SHORE) will be asked to complete a pre enrolment form prior to commencing the programme.

  • Applicants will be assessed in the pre enrolment form for skills relating to their prospective study and to ensure they have a fair chance of success in the study they have selected.
  • Any special learning needs will be identified as part of the process
  • English language ability is checked.  If an applicant is declined due to English language levels, they can be referred to appropriate English courses, or can enrol with NZCCM to meet the English language criteria.
  • Applicants career aspirations will be determined in the pre enrolment form and discussed by email or Skype to determine  a match between the prospective student and the educational opportunities available at  the College

The result of all enrolment applications will be presented in writing. The registration fee will be refunded in full to all declined applicants.

Enrolment Application Process – Off Shore Students

 Step 1


Please read all the information provided in this section of this Prospectus. Then fill in the Pre-Enrolment Form and compile all the required attachment documents.


Step 2

Enrolment Fee and Interview

Send us or bring in your completed pre-enrolment form as soon as you can together with the required documents to avoid missing out on your place of study.

NZCCM will view the information you provide in your pre-enrolment form and confirm your suitability through your agent. Applicants may be asked to attend an interview via Skype.


Step 3

Conditional Offer of Place and Offer of Place letter

After your pre enrolment form is assessed and/or interview, we will send you and enrolment form to complete if you are successful. Once we have received your completed enrolment form and we complete the selection process we write to successful applicants with a conditional offer of place which means you can apply for a student visa. Once the student visa is agreed in principle we will send you an offer of place letter and an invoice which includes medical and travel insurance, unless evidence of appropriate medical and travel insurance is provided with the Enrolment Form.


Step 4

Enrolment Completed

Your enrolment  will be completed once you pay the invoice included with the letter , obtain your student visa and show us your passport with the approved student visa.


Step 5

Documentation Completed

Public Trust documentation must be signed and initialled before any tuition fee is paid to NZCCM. This must be completed within five working days of starting the course – i.e. during the first week.

Students who do not complete the fee payment documentation will be suspended from class, unless they have written exemption from NZCCM. 


Enrolment Application Process