Certificate in Chinese Medicine

NZ Certificate in Chinese Medicine Health Maintenance*- (Level 4).

This is a 60 credits, 20 week full-time qualification (including a 2 week break).

The purpose of this qualification is to provide communities in New Zealand with individuals who have attained sufficient foundation knowledge, practical skills and behavioural attributes for the general maintenance of health and life style using traditional Chinese medicine practices and philosophies.

*Subject to final NZQA approval in 2015

Graduate Profile

A graduate of this qualification will be able to:

  • Apply philosophy and theory of Chinese medicine history and concepts to one’s own healthcare management;
  • Define structural and functional characteristics of the human body;
  • Identify aetiology of disease and rehabilitation treatment according to theories of Chinese medicine.
  • Identify strategies and applications of preventative care;
  • Perform and accomplish practices of Qigong and Taijiquan;
  • Implement and practice application of own health maintenance;
  • Formulate and communicate a plan for long term health and life style benefits underpinned by Chinese medicine philosophy and practices.

Education Pathway

This Certificate can lead to other further tertiary study in general or complementary healthcare and will depend on the learners’ own preferences and appropriate achievement.

Qualification Content

  • Chinese Medicine Philosophy for Health Maintenance  :  10 credits
  • Human anatomy for health maintenance, rehabilitation and resuscitation : 10 credits
  • Qigong and Taijiquan applications :  20 credits
  • Chinese Medicine intergenerational and seasonal lifestyle healthcare maintenance : 20 credits


English Requirement:

While their is no specific requirement students whose English is a second language should have at least intermediate level of English to ensure they are successful in this course..