Research Publications

Dr Jessica Li Feng :

Publications include:

  •  “Exposition on the functions of the kidney, spleen and lung (TCM view) on immunoregulation during pregnancy” Contributing Author to Zhejiang Zhongyi Xuebao1993.
  • “Clinical application of acupressure on the human ear information tender points by Yinliredan” Journal of Practical Preventative Medicine 1994.
  • ” Trial Observation of Leigongteng Duotanpain and Nourishing Liver and Kidney Method on treating Ankyiosing Spondylitis” Journal of Practical Preventive Medicine 1994
  • ” Meaning of cultivating Yang in Spring and Summer and nourishing Yin in Autumn and Winter and its applicability in New Zealand “ Journal of Guide to China Medicine 2011
  • “Application of Constitution Theory in Chinese Medicine” Journal of Guide to China Medicine 2011
  • “Effect of Ping Chuan Formula one on IL10,IL12 of asthmatic rat due to syncytial virus in the respiratory tract” Journal of Zhejiang University of TCM 2009.
  • ”Study on the role of cAMP in disease” Journal of Zhejiang University of TCM 2009.

Seminars and Conference Presentations Include:

  • “Theory and clinical application of combined Chinese Herbs on Chronotherapy” First Oceania Chinese Medicine Forum, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Socieities, Auckland New Zealand 2011. Description:  Review of theory and applicability
  • “Chinese Medicine Education in New Zealand” The Second World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine Description: No clinical presentation of education practice

Dr Dandan Yu:

Research Experience includes:

  • PhD ” the effects of GUILUERXIANJIAO formula and its Sub-Formula on the Profiliferation and Apoptosis of Chondrocyte from Rats” Fujian Univesrity of TCM 2001-2006
  • First member ” Effects of Lurong Essence on Apoptosis of Chondrocytes in vitroculture” Fujian University of TCM Fund Grant Fujian China 2003-2005
  • First member” Effects of Lugui Formula on Biological Behaviour of Chondrocyte from Rat’s Cervical Vertebral Disc” The Science and Technology Dept of Fujian Province Fund Grant Fujian, China
  • First member ” An overview of literature pertaining to type II Diabetes treatment options incorporating acupuncture as conceptualised by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). NZCCM New Zealand. 2012- present

Publications & Presentations include:

  • Yu Dandan, Wang Hengming.”Development of Training Manuevers on Cervical Spondylopathy.”  Journal of Fujian College of TCM May 2000, 10 (Supl):109-110
  • Yu Dandan, Wang Hengming. ” Experimental Study on Osteoarthritis.” The Journal of Traditional Chinese Orthopaedics and Traumatology Dec 2000, 69(12): 50-52
  • Yu Dandan, Wang Hengming.”Orthopaedics & Traumatology and Evidence- based Medicine.” Chinese Journal of Traditional Medical Traumatology & Orthopaedics June 2006,14(3):67-71
  • YU Dandan, Wang Hengming, Zhang Binghua. ” Lugui Prescription Cooperated with Air Cushion in Treating for Cervical Syndrome. Journal of Fujian College of TCM Feb 2006, 16(1): 44-47
  • Yu Dandan, Chen Riqi, Zhang Aiping.”Analysis of 2-D finite unit on Recovering Cervical Lordosis by Air Cushion.” Journal of Fujian Colleg of TCM June 2006, 16(3): 27-31
  • Wang Hengming, Yu Dandan, Tang Tingting.”Effect of GUILUERXIANJIAO Formula and Subformula on Proliferation of Chondrocyte in Rats.” Chinese Journal of Traditional Medical Traumatology & Orthopaedics July 2007,15(7): 45-49
  • Yu Dandan, Lin Yonglian.”Management Innovation of Overseas Students in Clinical Practice.” Research in Higher Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2007, 43(1)
  • First Oceania Chinese Medicine Forum WFCMS (06/2011) Topic : “Current Application of Evidence Based Medicine on Orthopaedics & Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Co- editor of the following textbooks:

  • Series of textbooks for “postgraduate (Study) of Orthopaedics & Traumatology in Colleges of TCM- Basic Research of Orthopaedics & Traumatology” Beijing Science & Technology Press, Aug 2005
  • Clinical series of Books” Integrated TCM and Western Medicine-Orthopaedics” Beijing Science and Technology Press, July 2007

Meng (Jay) Jing

Masters Research:

  • “Study on the Correlation between BMI, NC, PSN-P, MP-H and AHI in PAtients with Phlegm-dampness Constitution Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (included in Chinese database of excellent PhD and Masters Theses.
  • First Writer “A case report on Complex Sleep Apnea” Annual Symposium of TCM ENT,2007
  • Third writer” The influence of ephedrine on the plan of nasal continuous positive airway pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome” The Chinese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 2008( 2)
  • “Study on Mechanism and Current Status of Funding of Public Hospitals from Abroad and Hong Kong SAR China” Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Management 2010 Feb
  • “Study on Regulating Price of Medical Service by Public Hospitals” Journal of Traditional Chinese Management 2010 June